Free comprehensive IT audit & no obligation quote

With our business know-how we take the time to understand how your business operates and offer a free and comprehensive IT audit to ensure we put in place the right solution for you. As part of the audit, we will look at the amount of data you create daily, your data back-up, bandwidth, server and if there is support or maintenance, cabling infrastructure, number of desktops, email exchange, if issues with spam, and whether there is a disaster recovery plan.

Low monthly fixed fee contracts

There are no hidden costs or extras with our price plan; you pay a fixed fee each month. As part of the service, we provide you with a monthly report detailing actions taken during the month.

Pay as you go option

If you prefer the flexibility of a pay as you go service, we are happy to offer our expertise on an informal basis, without a fixed contract. Typically, this is ideal for:

  • Companies that have some IT skill in-house and only need occasional help
  • A one-off job, like cleaning up after a virus/hacker attack, dealing with a server crash, network cabling or helping with the procurement of new IT equipment
  • Very small companies with limited IT systems
  • Companies where IT is important but not critical to the business

4 hour response

We have the highest standards of care for our clients and maintain fast response times to ensure that your downtime is at a minimum. The response time will be dictated by the type of incident and whether it’s reducing functionality, causing low or severe disruption, loss of service and whether alternative IT services are available.

Generally, call outs are coded as shown:

Critical - 4 hour response
Medium - 8 hours response
Low - 24 hour response

Go green

By using Lincoln IT Solutions as your IT partner, we can help you to be more efficient and reduce operating costs, which in turn, will help you to be green:

  • Reduce your electricity bill
  • Prolong the life of your equipment
  • Less hardware, through virtual hosting
  • No more engineer call-outs reduces travel & related environmental damage

Request a FREE no obligation trial today. E-mail us:

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