Backup & Recovery

Secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery IT

When it comes to IT backup and disaster recovery, very few providers can rival our expertise or our price. We provide a robust and flexible backup solution for even the most complex data environments. If you are looking for business continuity and disaster recovery planning and PC, data and server backup, for an affordable fixed monthly fee, tailored around your needs - look no further.

Helping to put an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place

We will work with you to create the right plan for your company that fits with your existing infrastructure and budget. Then, we will do all the work for you.

Backup and disaster recovery designed for small and large companies

Many small companies haven’t thought about backup and disaster recovery or have it on their ‘to do’ list but not got round to doing anything about it. All companies have critical data, and loss of this data can result in significant downtime and in many cases, financial damage or business failure. So, don’t delay this any longer. Request a FREE backup and disaster recovery audit today. Whether you’re a small company employing less than 5 people or a large corporate, we adapt our service and the price according to what you need.

Request a quote today; it may cost you a lot less than you think.

Fast disaster recovery, minimised downtime and business continuity

  • Day to day data, SQL, Exchange email, CRM & any other critical data backed up
  • Off-site back-up
  • Full "Bare-metal" backups for quicker recovery times

Full Disaster Recovery Scheduled Tests

Backups are only worthwhile if they work! We offer full disaster recovery testing, restoring your servers to an isolated virtual environment for complete peace of mind that your backups are functioning correctly. When is the last time you performed a full restore of your servers?

A simple and affordable fixed monthly fee

When it comes to price you can rely on Lincoln IT Solutions to keep it transparent and affordable. We charge a simple?monthly fee based on the?speed of recovery required and volume of data you?protect.

We adapt with you

Although our fee is fixed, we remain flexible and adapt to your needs, so we will review the fee when your data requirements or speed of recovery needs changing.

Don’t leave your IT infrastructure to chance

Ask us to implement a robust backup and disaster recovery solution for your company now and avoid the hassle of your systems going down without backup or recovery plans in place.

Request a FREE no obligation trial today. E-mail us:

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